Information for New Members



Surrey Park Seahorses caters for a wide range of swimmers in terms of age and ability. There is an expectation that new members are able to swim 200m Freestyle comfortably and preferably have the ability to swim, or the willingness to learn, other strokes.  We do not provide adult learn to swim classes.  People looking for learn to swim programs should contact Surrey Park Swim School. 


Coached sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings year round from 7.15pm to 8.30pm in the outdoor pool at Boroondara Leisure Centre - Balwyn on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in the outdoor 50m pool and on Thursdays in the 25m outdoor pool at Box Hill Aqualink.  

Training usually consists of a warm up followed by a main set  then a short cool down.  Total distance for the session can range from 1km to 3km depending on your ability and speed.  If you haven't swum recently, you may feel the need to leave the session early but you will find your strength and endurance will quickly improve over the following weeks.

You are not required to attend every organised session and are only charged on attendance.  Some members participate in informal, uncoached training sessions at various days, times and venues during the week.  New members are welcome to participate.


Tuesday evenings are coached by George Hong, Wednesdays by various club members and on Thursdays by Sean Kirwan. They design and arrange program sessions to accomodate the wide ability of swimmers who attend.  At your first session please introduce yourself to the coach and let them know of your swimming background and any medical condition of which they should be aware.


The annual membership fee for 2018 is $130 which includes (compulsory) membership to the State and National Masters Swimming organisations.

The cost of training is $12 per session and is billed in arrears bi-monthly.  Pool entry is additional.  Surrey Park Seahorses members are eligible for Aqualink aquatic membership discounts (further details on this are available on request).

You may attend up to two training sessions with us at no cost.  For insurance purposes, we ask that you then join the Club if you wish to continue to train with us.


The Club holds Sunday morning sessions at the Box Hill pool from 9am to 11am where club members can participate in intra-club competitions. We run a sprint (Aggregate) competition, between September and April, while the other Sundays are scheduled for either 400m and/or 800m, swims or longer distances of 1500m, 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour swims (Endurance 1000 Competition).  Further details of these competitions are available on the Competitions page if this is of interest to you.  

It's not just about the swimming though.  There are also regular social events including dinners, post training meals, Sunday coffee and breakfast and weekends away.


Should you decide to join us, you will need to complete your registration details and pay your fee on-line on the Masters Swimming Victoria website via the New Registration tab.


If you have any questions, please email for any more information.